Curtain Wall Testing

A mock up of a client's assembly and design performance is tested in the Smith-Emery mock-up chamber. Smith-Emery Laboratories’ curtain wall testing facilities, located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Northwestern Pennsylvania are among the largest and most advanced in the world. Since its inception in 1984, the curtain wall testing department has performed mockup testing for over 3,000 projects throughout the United States and the Pacific Rim and because we are a full-service testing laboratory, we can provide in-house testing of most individual components and materials for any mockup.

We are members of the American Aluminum Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and fully accredited by them to perform all of the most commonly specified test procedures on mockups and in the field. Our experienced staff of engineers and technicians have the expertise to complete any testing requirements in the most efficient and professional manner and can perform field testing on window systems installed at the project site, anywhere in the world. Verification of testing performed at another facility can be provided as well.

Our curtain wall testing laboratories feature computerized measurement equipment which provides accurate and immediate deflection readings for structural load testing, thereby saving substantial time as compared to taking manual readings.