Stone and Tile Laboratory

Smith-Emery Laboratories is a tile and natural stone expert that performs both in-situ and ex-situ testing. Our physical laboratory performs various tests to determine the physical properties and characteristic of everything involved with the placement of tile or stone which includes:

  • Ceramic Tile Testing – Physical properties and characteristic of ceramic tile must be in tolerance to the respective ASTM and project specification. Ceramic tile testing includes determination of absorption, bond strength, warpage, static coefficient of friction, chemical and stain resistance and many more.
  • Natural Stone Testing – Physical properties and characteristic of limestone, granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, slate, onyx, and other natural stone must be in tolerance to the respective ASTM and project specification. Natural stone testing includes determination of weathering attributes by means of accelerated weathering, moisture content, slip resistance, petrographic analysis and many more.
  • Installation Material Testing – Material such as epoxy, grout, waterproof membranes, crack isolation membranes, organic adhesives or other material that can be used to install ceramic or natural stone must abide by project specifications. Smith-Emery Laboratories performs the ASTM C1028, a static coefficient of friction test for ceramic tiles and other similar materials by the horizontal dynamometer pull-meter method. By measuring the coefficient of friction, a quantitative number can be used to express the degree of slip resistance of a surface which manufacturers, designers, architects and end users can then use to help determine the suitability of a product in an application.

The staff at Smith-Emery Laboratories has extensive experience in all phases of ceramic tile and installation materials testing and can provide custom testing services.